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Kris Vereen & Evan Cutts at PFC 30 Ceremonial Weigh-In

Peak Fighting Championship (PFC) delivered an unforgettable night of mixed martial arts (MMA) action last Saturday, July 15, 2023. With a total of 16 fights, including a stacked main card featuring some of PFC’s biggest stars, fans were treated to an evening of thrilling battles, surprising upsets, and exceptional displays of skill and heart.

While all 16 fights showcased the immense talent within the PFC roster, it was the six main card bouts that truly stole the show. The event showcased PFC’s brightest stars, including the likes of Kris Vereen, Evan Cutts, Colton Loud, Lydia Warren, and Katty Strite, all of whom delivered exceptional performances.

Colton Loud and Devon Jackson
Lydia Warren and Katty Strite

However, the night held numerous surprises and standout fights beyond the main card. Isnaurys Reyes made an impressive PFC debut, defeating hometown favorite Jackson Berg. Bailey King secured a victory against the formidable Kyrgyz fighter Altynbek Arykbaev. Yet, the fight that left an indelible mark on the event was the battle between Ukrainian warrior Mykola Plazynskyi and Russian phenom Andrej Hodakovski. (https://www.newslive.com/)

Setting the tone for the unforgettable main card, the opening bout featured a relentless clash between seasoned professionals Armus Guyton and Johnny Smith. Both fighters displayed unwavering determination to emerge victorious, captivating the crowd from the first bell to the final moments of the fight.

Armus Guyton and Johnny Smith

However, the evening’s biggest surprise came in the form of two rising stars, Tyler Grimsley and Xavier Franklin. Their incredible talent and unyielding spirit mesmerized the thousands of fans in attendance, leaving an indelible impression on the event.

Korey Sutcliffe and Xavier Franklin
Nation Gibrick and Tyler Grimsley

PFC once again proved its commitment to delivering top-notch MMA action, providing fans with a night they will not soon forget. With an exciting mix of established stars and emerging talents, the organization continues to solidify its place among the premier promotions in the sport.

As PFC enthusiasts eagerly await the next event, the fighters and their performances on July 15, 2023, will undoubtedly be remembered as benchmarks in the organization’s history. The MMA world can only anticipate what incredible matchups and unforgettable moments await at the next Peak Fighting Championship event.

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-Jimmy Beltre

Bailey King Set to Battle Arykbaev Altynbek in Hometown Showdown at PFC 30, July 15th!

In an electrifying clash set to take place at the Comerica Center in Frisco, local hero Bailey King will step into the cage on July 15th to face off against Kyrgyzstan’s own Arykbaev Altynbek in a highly anticipated bout at PFC 30. As a Dallas native and hometown favorite, the crowd will undoubtedly rally behind King, adding an extra layer of excitement to this thrilling encounter.

Bailey King, a rising star in the MMA scene, will enter his second professional fight with an unblemished record of 1-0. Having tasted victory in his debut, King’s confidence is riding high as he looks to solidify his position as a force to be reckoned with in the sport. The local community has rallied behind the young fighter, making him a beloved figure and the pride of Dallas.

While Altynbek may be relatively unknown, boasting a 3-3 professional record, he certainly possesses the experience and skills to make this clash an intriguing one. As a fighter hailing from Kyrgyzstan, he brings a unique background and a determined spirit into the octagon. Altynbek undoubtedly aims to tarnish King’s perfect professional record, setting the stage for an intense showdown between these two competitors.

Bailey King’s last victory at PFC 27 showcased his dynamism and ability to seize opportunities. With a stunning flying knee to the dome, he secured a memorable finish that left spectators in awe. The question now arises: will King’s exceptional performance translate into another awe-inspiring triumph against Altynbek? Fight enthusiasts like PFC President Jonny Ross eagerly await the answer.

As the anticipation builds for this highly anticipated clash, the atmosphere at the Comerica Center will be electric. The hometown crowd will create an atmosphere of unyielding support for Bailey King, fueling his motivation to overcome the challenge posed by Altynbek. With the crowd firmly behind him, King will harness the energy and use it as a catalyst to propel him to victory. (https://www.newslive.com/)

PFC 30 promises to be a night of thrilling fights and epic clashes, and the showdown between Bailey King and Arykbaev Altynbek stands as one of the most intriguing matchups of the evening. It’s an opportunity for Bailey King to showcase his skills once again, defending his perfect record against a determined opponent. Dallas will be united in their support for their hometown kid as they cheer him on with unwavering enthusiasm. The stage is set, the fighters are ready, and the countdown begins for an unforgettable night of MMA action.

By Jimmy Beltre

PFC 30’s Early Preliminary Card Starts at 5:30 PM CT July 15th

PFC 30 is set to showcase a thrilling main card, featuring some highly anticipated matchups that are sure to keep MMA fans on the edge of their seats. As the event draws near, let’s delve into the betting odds for each fight and explore the potential outcomes.

Kris Vereen (8-0) vs Evan Cutts (15-6)

In the main event, Kris Vereen, boasting an impressive undefeated record of 8-0, enters the octagon as the clear favorite with odds of -200. On the other hand, Evan Cutts, with a record of 15-6, is the underdog at +160. Vereen’s unblemished streak and consistent performances make him a formidable force. However, Cutts’ experience and resilience cannot be overlooked, making this bout an intriguing clash of styles.

Colton Loud (3-0) vs Devon Jackson (3-0)

Colton Loud, with a perfect record of 3-0, is a slight underdog at -110 against DEVON JACKSON, who also boasts an unblemished record of 3-0, at -120. This matchup appears to be evenly matched, with both fighters displaying similar levels of skill and success. With such closely aligned odds, this fight has the potential to be a closely contested battle that could swing either way.

Lydia Warren (2-0) vs Katty Strite (1-2)

Lydia Warren steps into the octagon as a strong favorite at -350 against Katty Strite, who is the underdog at +250. Warren’s undefeated record and impressive performances have earned her the favor of the oddsmakers. However, Strite, despite her recent losses, possesses the ability to turn the tables. Upsets are not uncommon in MMA, and Strite will be looking to capitalize on her underdog status and prove her worth.

Nation Gibrick (5-1) vs Tyler Grimsley (5-0)

This matchup presents another closely contested battle, with Nation Gibrick, with a record of 5-1, being the slight underdog at -105 against Tyler Grimsley, who remains undefeated at 5-0, with odds of -125. Both fighters have demonstrated their skills and ability to secure victories. With such evenly matched odds, this fight is likely to be a thrilling clash that could go either way.

Xavier Franklin (3-0) vs Korey Sutcliffe (1-0)

Xavier Franklin, with an unblemished record of 3-0, is the clear favorite at -260 against Korey Sutcliffe, who is the underdog at +200. Franklin’s experience and strong performances make him the favorite in this matchup. However, Sutcliffe, despite having only one professional fight under his belt, possesses the hunger and potential to upset the odds. This fight has the potential to surprise fans and showcase the rise of a promising newcomer.

Armus Guyton (7-5) vs Johnny Smith (4-0)

In the final bout of the main card, Armus Guyton, with a record of 7-5, is the underdog at +170 against Johnny Smith, who remains undefeated at 4-0, with odds of -215. Smith’s perfect record and impressive performances make him the clear favorite. However, Guyton’s experience and ability to pull off upsets cannot be underestimated. This fight has the potential to deliver an exciting showdown where anything can happen.

As with any sport, betting odds are subject to change leading up to the event based on various factors, such as injuries or changes in form. It’s crucial to conduct thorough research and consider multiple factors before placing any bets. Nevertheless, PFC 30’s main card promises an exhilarating night of MMA action, with several matchups that could provide ample opportunities for both fans and bettors alike.

-Antonio Giachin

By Jimmy Beltre

Frisco, Texas – Brace yourself for an unforgettable night of MMA action as PFC 30 presents an epic main event on July 15th. Local favorites Kris Vereen and Evan Cutts will step into the cage, each bringing their unique backgrounds and passions.

Vereen, undefeated at 8-0, has transitioned from collegiate football to MMA, showcasing lightning-fast strikes and athletic prowess. Cutts, having fought over 20 professional fights and known for his technical brilliance, has recently taken up skating, adding a new dimension to his already diverse skill set.

Kris Vereen after his PFC 25 win over Perry Stargel

With their families’ support and a shared love for the sport, Vereen and Cutts are set to deliver a thrilling showdown. It’s a fight where choosing sides becomes a challenge, as both fighters have captivated audiences with their skills and dedication.

As the main event on a stacked card, this clash promises heart-pounding moments. While we can’t have both fighters win, the crowd can expect an evening filled with laughter, cheers, and an exhilarating display of talent.

Don’t miss the unforgettable showdown between Vereen and Cutts on July 15th at PFC 30 in Frisco. Prepare for an electrifying night of MMA action that will leave you breathless.

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Lydia Warren vs Meaghan Penning at PFC 28

The electrifying world of mixed martial arts is set to ignite once again as Lydia Warren, a rising star in the MMA scene, gears up to face off against the resilient Katty Strite at PFC 30. The highly anticipated event is scheduled to take place on July 15th at the prestigious Comerica Center in Frisco, Texas.

Lydia Warren has been making waves with her impressive record of 2-0 as a professional fighter. Known for her remarkable agility, tenacity, and a dynamic fighting style, Warren has captured the attention of MMA enthusiasts worldwide. Her previous victories have showcased her versatility in both striking and grappling, leaving opponents struggling to find an answer to her relentless attacks.

However, Katty Strite, with a record of 1-2, is determined to prove her mettle in the upcoming bout. Strite recently faced a setback in her last fight against the formidable Nadine Mandiau at PFC 21, but she’s ready to bounce back with a vengeance. A seasoned competitor, Strite possesses a resilient spirit and a wealth of experience that can’t be overlooked.

Katty Strite vs Nadine Mandiau at PFC 21

Warren’s undeniable momentum combined with her growing reputation as a force to be reckoned with will undoubtedly put Strite’s resilience to the test. Strite, aware of the challenge that lies ahead, has been training rigorously, honing her skills and strategizing her approach to counter Warren’s impressive arsenal.

PFC 30 promises to be an enthralling clash of contrasting styles and motivations. With Warren’s rising star status and Strite’s determination to reclaim her position, fans can expect an adrenaline-fueled battle that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

The Comerica Center, known for hosting spectacular sporting events, will once again be transformed into an arena of excitement as these two warriors step into the octagon. As the date draws near, anticipation is building, and MMA enthusiasts eagerly await the explosive showdown between Lydia Warren and Katty Strite.

Only time will tell if Lydia Warren will continue her ascent towards MMA stardom or if Katty Strite will rise to the occasion and showcase her true potential. The outcome of this encounter will undoubtedly shape the future trajectory of both fighters in the highly competitive world of mixed martial arts. Mark your calendars for July 15th, as Frisco, Texas prepares for a night of intense action, skill, and determination at PFC 30.

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Get ready for the ultimate showdown in MMA!

Jackson Berg is on fire, finishing both of his fights in the first round and holding a perfect 2-0 record as an amateur fighter. He’s taking on the fierce Cuban striker Isnaurys Reyes at PFC 30, and it’s going to be an epic battle. Berg is a force to be reckoned with, and he’s ready to take on anything that comes his way.

Get ready for an explosive showdown on July 15th in Frisco, Texas at PFC 30, as undefeated fighters Xavier Franklin and Korey Sutcliffe collide. With limited professional experience but unblemished records, these rising stars are set to deliver an unforgettable battle. Australian fighter Korey brings his unique style, while Dallas native Xavier defends his home turf. This highly anticipated clash promises to be a fight no one wants to miss, as both fighters vie for dominance and a chance to solidify their place in the MMA world.

Korey Sutcliffe at PFC 26

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By Jimmy Beltre

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