PFC 31: Betting Odds for PFC 31
Thursday, August 10 2023 by PeakFighting

Yo, mark your calendars ’cause we’re gearing up for an explosive night of MMA madness! Peak Fighting Championship (PFC) 31 is about to hit Beaumont, Texas like a thunderstorm on August 26th. This ain’t your regular fight night – it’s a full-on, heart-pounding extravaganza that’s gonna have MMA fanatics losing their minds. We’re talking battles that’ll have you on the edge of your seat, and it’s all building up to a climax that’ll blow the roof off the place. So, let’s dive into the matchups and the betting odds that are gonna set this place on fire!

Main Event: Colton Loud (+165) vs. Jesus Urbina (-200)

Hold up, the main event is where the real action’s at. Colton Loud, the undefeated beast with a record of 4-0 and four straight finishes, is repping the underdog title with +165 odds. But don’t sleep on the reigning champ, Jesus Urbina, with his 9-7 record and odds of -200 – this guy’s got some serious game.

Now, check this out: these odds might be all about Urbina, but don’t be fooled. Loud’s +165 is like a hint that the underdog might just snatch that victory. Their different fighting styles are gonna clash like titans, and you know what? MMA’s all about those crazy upsets. It’s like a movie waiting to happen, man.

Co-Main Event: Cody Williams (+185) vs. Ricky Camp (-225)

Time to turn up the heat with the co-main event! Cody Williams, the hometown hero with a record of 9-6, is coming in hot as the underdog with +185 odds. On the other side of the cage is Ricky Camp, a seasoned warrior with a 13-5 record and -225 odds. Now, don’t let those numbers fool you – it’s all about the story these fighters are about to tell.

Cody Williams’ +185 odds are like a battle cry for the underdog lovers out there. The odds are close, man, so this fight is anyone’s game. It’s like a chess match with fists, and you never know who’s gonna land that knockout move. The co-main event’s gonna be a wild ride, that’s for sure.

Other Crazy Fights:

Hold up, PFC 31 ain’t just about the main and co-main events – there’s a whole lineup of showdowns that’ll make your head spin:

  • Jordan Bailey (+225) vs. Perry Stargel (-350): Perry Stargel’s -350 odds and Jordan Bailey’s +225 odds are like a script for an underdog story that could have jaws dropping.
  • Jackie Cataline (-275) vs. Shanna Gomez (+220): Jackie Cataline’s -275 odds and Shanna Gomez’s +220 odds are setting the stage for an experience vs. heart matchup that’s straight outta the streets.
  • James Christopherson (+105) vs. Cameron Presher (-120): James Christopherson’s +105 odds and Cameron Presher’s -120 odds are like two pit bulls ready to go at it – it could go either way, man.
  • Ernesto Zarate (-300) vs. Orlando Sanders (+225): Ernesto Zarate’s -300 odds and Orlando Sanders’ +225 odds are painting a picture of experience vs. hunger, and you know how that can play out.
  • Dwight Maters (+145) vs. Oshay Jordan (-175): Dwight Maters’ +145 odds and Oshay Jordan’s -175 odds are like a battle of the titans, both hungry for that W.

Front-Row Action:

For those who wanna be in the heart of the action, grab your tickets at But if you can’t make it, don’t sweat it! The Peak Fighting app’s got you covered with Pay-Per-View, so you won’t miss a single hit.

So, as we count down to PFC 31, get ready for a night that’s gonna go down in MMA history. The betting odds are just a taste of what’s coming – this event’s gonna be a rollercoaster of skill, heart, and unexpected twists that’ll blow your mind. It’s time to get hyped, ’cause PFC 31 is gonna be the fight night of the century, no doubt about it!

-Antonio Giachin