Peak Fighting’s Greatest Event Ever?
Tuesday, June 13 2023 by PeakFighting

Simply put PFC 29 was amazing!

How is it possible to have a UFC vet and a Bellator legend as the main event, but then still have the amateurs collectively steal the show?

Dont get me wrong Brandao v.s. Campos was undoubtedly the fight of the night. However, what amateur fighters like Tyler Henson, Jared Gallegos, and NEW Light Heavyweight Champion Abraham Van Hout did last Saturday night at the Civic center was nothing short of extraordinary!

Flying Knee Attempted by Brandao on Campos

Although the main card for PFC 29 did not disappoint it was the combination of early prelims, prelims, and main card that made PFC 29 special. In my very much unprofessional opinion, local Ash Mallory displayed the most impressive performance of the night in his fight with 2022 PFC rookie of the year Drew O’Brien. His raw talent combined with his rare ability to relentlessly strike his opponent proved to be much more than O’Brien could handle. That being said you have to give it to Drew for having the chin he had against Mallory.

Ash Mallory connecting with a left jab on Drew O’Brien

All things considered in my opinion PFC 29 was the greatest event Peak Fighting has ever put on… just wait until PFC 30 July 15th in Frisco, Texas.

-Jimmy Beltre